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Hola! Life is good sitting here with a cup o coffee and a glass of juice in front of me. Life is wonderful being married to a loving man, living together with 5 dogs and 3 cats, and not at least, life is fulfilling here in Southern Spain.  I am Smaranda or  for short “Sam” (how my friends like to call me)  and I was born more than 40 years ago, less than 50 somewhere in Eastern Europe,  lived 17  satisfying years in the USA and since 2007  I call  this little picturesque Spanish “pueblo”  near city of Malaga, my home.  I am a  photographer, animal lover, and self-proclaimed foodie with an unabashed obsession for food. Together with my husband Adrian ( the tech support behind this blog) I share the love of seasonal cooking,  food markets, eating out, entertaining, and driving off road our trusty red Jeep.  Maybe you ask yourself why I decided to blog?  Working for  many years as a professional photographer  I realized I love  watching, working, talking to people, so this blog is going to be my connection with the world out there, a virtual place where I will be more than happy  to share my Spanish experiences, life  observations and everyday wonders  with  my blog readers.  I apologize in advance for my  writing mistakes ( I  profoundly regret not taking creative English classes in college) but I will try to  enchant your eye with beautiful photos,  to provoke  you trying new, easy tasty recipes,  and make our virtual presence here as pleasant as possible.  So welcome to my blog, and please don’t  hesitate writing back  a word or two so we get to  know each other better.  Bienvenido!

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  • Hi Sam- I hope you can help me. I run the World CarrotMmuseum online at http://www.carrotmuseum.co.uk

    I have just heard about the annual carrot festival – The town of Cuevas Baja – do you have any more details. I wish to visit this year and need an English speaking contact. I am sure the Mayor’s Office will be very interested in my visit as i have visited most carrot festivals around the world. Can you help point me in the right direction.

    I am also, as you can imagine a great foodie, keen photographer (of carrots!!) and cat lover!!

    Best wishes


    • John, first of all, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I just checked and the Carrot festival in Cuevas Bajas is this coming Sunday, December 6th, (the first Sunday in December) More info, here :
      http://www.andalucia.org/es/eventos/fiesta-de-la-zanahoria-mora/ I don’t know where are you located, but this coming weekend there is another important gastronomic event here in Malaga, “Gran feria Sabor a Malaga” 4-8 December, plaza de la Malagueta Plaza de Toros. Here is a short writing about the last year’s event. http://www.andaluciamylove.com/malaga-products/ BTW….the carrots from Baja Cuevas are the tastiest I ever tried, really good in salads and not only. Good luck and if you have any more questions, let me know. Sam

  • Love this blog. I was ready to book a trip to the area as soon as I saw this blog!

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