Andalusia Day



Today, we celebrate “Andalusia Day” or “Dia de Andalucia“. It was 35 years ago on February 28, 1980, when a large majority of voters supported the referendum for Andalusia to become  an autonomous community of Spain. Because it’s a holiday, the shops are closed and public transportation limited. People spend the day quietly at home with family, or organizing private parties, with food, dancing, traditional music and drinks.  In this day, most of the locals proudly display the white and green Andalusian flag on their balconies or windows. In “Andalusia Day” some local towns will arrange traditional dancing in the streets, performances, singing, lots of eating and plenty of drinking. If the weather permits, many will spend the day  on the beach surrounded by family and friends.  As a tradition, today, many people are eating bread dipped in olive oil.    

      Spain is divided into 17 autonomous communities with Andalusia as the second largest autonomous community and the most highly populated. Over 17% of Spain surface area belongs to Andalusia and and is very geographically diverse. Mediterranean Sea on the South with beautiful sandy beaches,  Atlantic ocean to the West with great seafood and surfing ,  Sierra Nevada with snowy peaks, not to forget some of the most beautiful cities in Spain: Ronda, Granada, Cordoba and Seville. There is so much to explore, enjoy, see and eat  here in Andalusia no wonder it is a top touristic destination among world travelers. Personally after living here for some years, I can say Andalusia is well worth celebrating today, February 28th. VIVA ANDALUSIA! 


The Andalusian flag has three equal horizontal bars,  top and lower bars are dark green and the middle bar is white. Andalusia’s coat of arms is at the center of the flag, and contains an image of the mythical Greek hero Heracles  between two columns. The columns represent the Pillars of Heracles. These are the rocks on either side of the Straits of Gibraltar. 

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