Bodega “La Mazaroca”


Bodega “La Mazaroca”

So far, Bodega “La Mazaroca” was the best culinary surprise of the year. How far away would you travel for a fine lunch or dinner? Oh well, we just traveled more than one hour and a half to this place. Everything started few years ago, when our friends P&P (yes they share the same name, hers ends with an “A” his with an “E”) told us about this amazing restaurant near Seville, with excellent cutting edge food, at popular prices. What more can you ask for? We kept making plans for at least  two years now to go there for lunch but as always, getting our plans on the same track was a task more difficult than talking about it. This past weekend we spend two nights in Seville (this is going to be the next story) and on our way home we stopped in Arahal, a small Andalusian town. Situated in the heart of  the town Bodega “La Mazaroca” hosts (beside good food) an impressive collection of autographed photos of flamenco singers and dancers, hundreds of antique knickknacks, and of course a numerous hungry crowd. 


Bodega “La Mazaroca”


Bodega “La Mazaroca”

Right away  we discovered that two things are very difficult to achieve here: 1- get a table and 2 – decide what to order from their very impressive, long and mouth watering menu.  


Menu – Bodega “La Mazaroca”


Menu – Bodega “La Mazaroca”

 And let me tell you friends, it wasn’t an easy decision.  After we got the last little flamenco style, siting down table, and after a beer (each), we finally  narrowed down our choices.


Bodeca “La Mazaroca” 


Zucchini -Lazagna

 Zucchini Lasagna


Veal cheeks in whiskey sauce and Foie Gras

 Veal cheeks braised at low temperature with whisky sauce and Foie Gras


Cod fish with cheese sauce

Cod fish


Of course no lunch is complete (especially while on vacation) without a delicious white chocolate dessert

Family owned since 1973, Bodega “La Mazaroca” wasn’t always today’s hype restaurant. In the kitchen, Jorge Blanca, a self-taught chef is the master of the fire, and  together with his brothers Demetrio and Silverio are keeping alive the family tradition of catering to customers. We were very pleased with our experience and are already thinking to go back accompanied by friends. We discovered a real gastronomic gem and we want to share it with people who would appreciate it.

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