Cactus blooming season


OK, I have to admit it: I have a love/hate relationship with this plant. I am not even sure what type of cactus it is, but what I know for sure,  is a prickly, …very prickly one.  Every time I try to move, water, or prune it, I get rashes and swellings from its spikes, not a nice seeing or feeling on my hands for that matter. I got the plant from two stem cuttings I received more than 4 years ago from an acquaintance, and it did well (so did my hands) as long it stayed small and pretty.  However, for the last 2 years or so, it changed into a monster plant, big and bushy, angry at me and my pets. You probably ask yourself why I don’t wear gloves?  Because  it really doesn’t help much, and because of its size I can’t wear protective  gear every time I step into the greenhouse. Few months ago  I had enough and thought of punishing it, by taking it outside in the middle of the winter.  Am I happy now for changing my mind in the last moment  and not ditching it? You bet I am. Look how the plant  showed me its gratitude yesterday morning…



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