Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days (2)

Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days

Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days


There’s nothing like a small village food festival to make spring come alive! This past weekend, we celebrated (again) “Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days”  At its 4th edition, the festival was a great success despite the passing showers on Saturday.  From wild asparagus to goat cheese, small family owned businesses from all across the region came together to celebrate the best bites their industry has to offer. Delicious honey, out of this world tasty cheese, natural beauty products, cold cuts and sweets, were just few delectable goods offered for sale. For € 2.50 the restaurants and bars around the village offered a tapa and and a drink. For another € 12, a full three course menu. The main ingredients this year were the wild asparagus and  “tagarnina” (a wild thistle weed). There was a cooking contest, guided visits to the main tourist attractions of the village, Peñas de Cabrera, and the Cemetery, face painting for children and live music. We were really thrilled to see how by every passing edition, the “Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days” are getting more detailed, and people from the village and not only, more involved. Of course we went down the village Saturday and Sunday, and accompanied by friends had pleasant time and great food. 

Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days

Stuffed Artichokes

So far the BEST tapa we had this edition. Meat stuffed artichoke with Bechamel sauce and fried “jamon” served by our favorite Restaurant “Alba”

Paseo Puerto de la Horca, 1 Tel. 952.758.232 / 654.211.468

Olla de Tagarninas

Olla de Tagarninas

No better choice to a cold and rainy day, than a hot plate of delicious tagarninas and chickpeas soup.

Bar “Casa Cana” c/Real 27 Tel. 952.758.404

Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days

Peach salad with walnuts, goat cheese and mint dressing

Colorful salad with peach, toasted walnuts, goat cheese and  refreshing mint dressing

Casabermeja traditional Cooking Days

Eggplant with cream cheese and tomato marmalade

Eggplant, goat cream cheese and tomato marmalade served by Bar “El Tapiteo”

c/Arroyo Cantarranas s/n Tel.653.057.726

Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days

Asparagus filled salmon rolls with cheese sauce

Small (but tasty) asparagus filled salmon rolls topped with cheese sauce

“La Huerta” Restaurant

Ctra. Colmenar, km.1 Tel. 952.758.129

Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days

Broad Bean and Mushroom Omelette

Broad (Fava) bean and mushroom omelette

Casabermeja Traditional Cooking  Days

Fried Milk

My husband’s favorite desert, “Fried Milk” with coffee/walnut ice cream and caramel sauce

“El Lagar de Pepe” Restaurant, Ctra.Casabermeja-Vva.Conception, km.2,2 Tel.952.758.296

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