12th May 2017

Mixturate Gastrobar – Malaga

              What a great find “Mixturate Gastrobar” in Malaga was!  Our beautiful city keeps surprising us with new and innovative restaurants, offering a large...

12th Apr 2015

Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days (2)

  There’s nothing like a small village food festival to make spring come alive! This past weekend, we celebrated (again) “Casabermeja Traditional Cooking Days”  At its 4th edition, the festival was...

18th Mar 2015

Bodega “La Mazaroca”

So far, Bodega “La Mazaroca” was the best culinary surprise of the year. How far away would you travel for a fine lunch or dinner? Oh well, we just traveled more...

25th Dec 2014

Sea anemones, the strangest food experience-2014

Sea anemone, the most eccentric seafood we discovered in 2014.