Cold Cucumber Soup

              We had a wonderful summer here in Southern Andalusia this year. The sizzling days were just few, and the nights were pleasantly comfortable. Even thought, I did not do too much cooking, around the house and when I did, I tried to stick with easy, refreshing, vegetable based recipes. For the first time this year I tried (and made) cold Cucumber Soup. As always, the abundant local farm market offered plenty of cheap and fresh greens and vegetable, fragrant fruit and not at least the latest gossip from around the village. When there is not too much time, or you feel lazy (like I sometimes do) the cold cucumber soup is the perfect summer dish. It is ready in no time and is so refreshing that I guarantee you guys are going to make it over and over again. 


(for 2 people)

2 medium fresh cucumbers (peeled)

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

1/2 garlic glove

4 Tbsp almond flour (can substitute with bread crumbs)

fresh basil (depends on your taste)

1 cup of fresh cold water (more if you prefer a more liquid soup)

2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Oil

a touch of vinegar

Cumin powder (optional), Salt & Pepper


Add all the ingredients  (except the olive oil) to a blender

Mix very well. You can add more water, basil, salt or pepper.

After it gets to the desired consistency and taste, add slowly the olive oil to the composition.

Refrigerate and served it well chilled

Cucumber Soup

Cucumber Soup

This recipe because of the cheese and basil has an Italian twist on it  but there are many varieties to this easy to make Cucumber Soup. The cheese can be skipped all together. The water can be replaced with natural unsweetened yogurt, the basil with  fresh dill, tarragon, mint or parsley (everyone with his taste). For a spicier approach some hot pepper would do miracles. If  almond flour is an “exotic” , impossible to find ingredient in your pantry, a hand full  of wallnuts, will do the job. The bottom line, everyone can make this recipe and adjust it to their taste. It is an easy, and healthy addition to a light lunch or diner in a hot summer day. 

Vegetable cold soups in Spain are called “Gaspachos

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