Eggs Andalusian Style

Sometimes, the tastiest food is the simple food, made with only few good quality ingredients and “Eggs Andalusian Style” is no exception. My husband learned this very easy recipe from his very good friend Ildefonso, a pure breed “Andalus” from Jaen province.  As for my part, for the last five years or so, this is the way I like to cook and eat my eggs for breakfast. The garlic infused olive oil will give a great taste to the fried eggs.  First of all, good food begins and ends with the ingredients. The dishes you cook will only be as mediocre, good, or superb as the ingredients you put in them. So here we go…


Good quality Extra Virgin Olive oil

10 gloves of garlic (around 5 per egg) peeled and sliced in two

(we are fortunate to be able to buy real “Granadino” garlic from Granada province – of course)

2-3 organic eggs (per person)

salt & pepper


Turn the burner up to medium high with the frying pan on it

Add the olive oil

Fry the cloves of garlic on both sides until they become golden (don’t walk away because garlic burns fast and turns bitter)

Take the garlic out with a fork and place it on a paper towel

In the left olive oil from the pan (now infused with the garlic flavor) crack the eggs

sprinkle with salt and pepper

Let them sit there (over medium high fire) until they start to spit and talk back at you

Add the fried garlic on top of the eggs

When the white parts will look almost done, put a lid on the frying pan and turn the heat all the way down to low and stand at the stove for one minute.

After a minute, turn the heat all the way off, but leave the eggs in the pan and covered.

Wait thirty seconds to a minute (depending on how well your pan holds heat) and then uncover them, slide them out onto a piece of toast (or two) and enjoy that messy delicious yolk of eggs Andalusian style.

Good quality ingredients – the secret to tasty food

good quality ingredients

Eggs Andalusian Style


fry the garlic on both sides

Eggs Andalusian Style

Break the eggs and add salt and pepper


Cover the eggs and let them fry for 1 minute

 Eggs Andalusian style – Enjoy!


Eggs Andalusian Style

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