Fresh figs time

Summer is here and I have fresh figs to prove it.  Few years back we planted a fig tree along the house and now, every  summer, the beautiful  and luscious plant is gifting us with  hundreds of  fresh and sweet fruit.  Unfortunately all  in a 2 week period  time – if that. So here we are, end of June  all of us  “gulping pounds and pounds of  “brevas” (how the locals call them) in a short period of time. Of course every time we think we got ahead, we discover more crop hiding behind leaves.


    Dogs are included here too, when I say “All of us”.


Beside the fig being among the richest plant source of calcium and fiber, a fig tree is a beautiful plant to admire, with decorative leaves ( not without reason Adam and Eve clad themselves with them)  strong bodies and unbelievable drought resistance. Cultivated since ancient times, fig trees were an important food source for many  civilizations along the world history.  “Romans, used the fruits among other things, to fatten geese for the production of a precursor of  foie gras” (Wiki).


Anyway, many things were and can be said about a fig tree, but my favorite legend  about it is in Greek mythology.  “The God Apollo, sends a crow to collect water from a stream for him. The crow sees a fig tree and waits for the figs to ripen, tempted by the fruit. He knows that he is late and that his tardiness will be punished, so he gets a snake from the stream and collects the water. He presents Apollo with the water and uses the snake as an excuse. Apollo sees through the crow’s lie and throws the crow, goblet, and snake into the sky where they form the constellations  Hydra, Crater, and Corvus”. (Wikipedia)




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