Getting ready for the summer in Andalusia


Now, that spring is  finally here, it seems  the sweat around the house never ends.  For the past couple of weeks I cleaned the yard, I took the garden furniture and the potted plants out from the greenhouse,  I pulled out at least a million weeds, (or more),  filled out 2 huge garbage bags,  I power washed the terraces, the porch,  the swimming pool area,  I started an herb garden, and my husband applied weed killer and insecticide over the garden, trees and walkway.  Ah!  I almost forgot,  my favorite cleaning activity, washing windows…. just kidding of course. Loads and lots of work and we are not there yet, but in the next weeks everything will be set for the Andalusian summer as always. Few days ago, I scrubbed the outdoor kitchen and I can’t help not to brag about it.  Our outdoor  wood burning oven  cooks the best roasted chicken and lamb, the cast iron griddle makes the juiciest grilled meats and vegetable and the chairs and table just request the pleasure of our company. Of course the view surrounding us is just a bonus for our eyes and  hearts as always.  Ready for the summer in Andalusia!






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