Good bye 2014, welcome 2015

Good bye 2014, welcome 2015

Good bye 2014, welcome 2015

 Christmas came and went, also the old year. As the year 2014 drawn to a close, was a perfect time to reflect upon the ups and downs, triumphs and challenges, of this last year. For me, 2014 was a bit of a difficult year, in which I had to overcome some obstacles but at the end, it all came down to a nice conclusion. The truth is that nothing is more important than to have your health and the loved ones part of your life. Of course with the starting of a new year, comes the traditional resolutions  . Most people pledge to lose weight, be more responsible, or finally cross an item off their bucket list. Unfortunately all too often, we break that special resolution just a few weeks into the New Year. Here is the list of the most common resolutions for 2015, as per 

1 . Lose Weight and Go To the Gym

 (Every year this is the most popular New Year’s resolution and every year it is the hardest resolution to keep)

2. Quit Smoking/Drinking

(Statistically, this is the one of the hardest resolutions to keep and it usually is thrown at the door by Valentine’s Day)

3. Go Green.

(2015 is the perfect year to start being more energy conscious)

4. Learn a New Language

(Learning a new language or skill could be a great way to improve your mind and overall quest for knowledge)

5. Accomplish Your Goals

(Whether it’s running a marathon, finishing a painting, writing a book or building a piece of furniture, 2015 is the year to get it done)

6. Save Money And Improve Your Finances

(Putting away a few hundred dollars a month can go a long way by the end of the year)

7. Floss

(This easy task can help improve overall hygiene and oral health)

8. Travel

(What better resolution is there than to take a vacation and see what the world has to offer?)

9. Volunteer to Help Others

(You can donate your time by helping out at a shelter or homeless kitchen among many other options)

10.Get More Sleep

(Sleep is a stress reducer and helps you to feel more energized throughout the day)

Personally, I  am setting up to achieve three resolutions this new 2015.  First of all,  to loose some weight, eat more healthy  and to go more often to the gym, to improve  my Spanish and  to do some volunteer work. So as we say, “Good bye 2014, welcome 2015” what is your New Year’s resolution? Are you among the millions of people who plan to finally drop those extra pounds? Maybe you intend to finally quit smoking, go back to school, or get a promotion at work? Let me know.

Good bye 2014, welcome 2015

Good bye 2014, welcome 2015

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