Holy Week in Malaga 2014 (2)


I wonder  if there is another country the world celebrating Holy Week with more extravaganza  that Spain. Watching for the past years many “Semana Santa” processions here in Andalusia is hard to believe  someone, somewhere else  in the world can  exceed  the sumptuous  religious parades which take place here year after year.   The Holy Week is the most important religious event of the year, and Spaniards young and old, religious or not are proud to take part in it. Crafted sculptural representations of religious scenes are carried around the cities by hundreds of carriers  and I was surprised to find out this year that most of them inherit the position in carrying the throne from their  fathers or grandfathers. Interesting, knowing that the tradition is  been around in Malaga for more than 500 years. Last week we went to the city  three times, to admire the processions and to be part of festivities. We  enjoy the Holy Week in Malaga with its holiday atmosphere, the tasty tapas and cold glasses of beer on the terraces of the street , the beautiful and elegant dressed men and women,  the warm weather and not at least the great cultural life Andalusia has to offer.

 All the beautiful decorating flowers of the thrones are real  and particularly stunning



Semana Santa de Málaga Procesión Nazareno de Viñeros 2014





Most of these “costaleros”inherit or take over the carrying position of the thrones from grandfathers or fathers, and the tradition is very deeply encrusted in the local culture




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