Holy Week – Malaga, 2014 (1)

Holy Week in Malaga

Holy Week in Malaga

As Spain is still fighting to leave the economic crisis behind,  Spaniards are preparing themselves for the most anticipated week of the year, the “Holy Week” (Semana Santa). The Holy Week in Malaga starts tomorrow, Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) and the city streets will be abounding with charmingly dressed women and men,  joyful and noisy kids, and numerous religious processions floating down the narrow streets of the old quarter. Although this celebration is about Jesus passion, the Spaniards transform the Holy Week in Malaga into a social event, where the religious part is not the only important aspect. Both tourists and locals flock to the city center to admire the beautiful processions and to share a good glass of wine and some tapas with friends, neighbors and  even strangers. 

The religious affection still exists here in Andalusia with many older crowds, and even younger ones waiting  enthusiastic for the heavy wooden platforms (pasos) carried by packs of  men called “costaleros” to pass by their well chosen point of view on the side of the road.  For the next 8 days, 45 religious brotherhood associations called “cofradias” will display and carry around the city their adored statues of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, beautifully decorated with stunning flower arrangements and all these accompanied by playing marching bands.  The floats (tronos)) can easily weight over 5.000 kg,  and are carried around by dozens of costaleros, sometimes for 6-8 hours on a well  traced route around downtown. Will be there for sure Thursday  when the Spanish Legion, honoring the Holy Week in Malaga, will disembark in the harbour, but more about this, next time. I promise to return with more photos and stories about this ancient and unique Spanish tradition, because the Holy Week in Malaga is just fascinating!  


The Holy Week in Malaga and elsewhere:


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