Lover’s Rock / Pena de los Enamorados – Antequera

The lover's Rock

Tello and Tagzona

This upcoming Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to talk about “Lover’s Rock” or “Pena de los Enamorados“.  Situated  in the proximity city of Antequera the human head shaped mountain was the scene of a  beautiful and tragic legend  still being told today to the children and grandchildren at the bedtime. It was September 16, 1410 when Ferdinand II of Aragon triumphed over the city of Antequera, and Torcal Mountain becomes the border between the Christians and the Moors. During a bloody battle, a young Christian soldier named Tello, was taken prisoner  in Archidona. When the young and beautiful Moorish girl Tagzona, the daughter of the city’s leader, pushed by curiosity goes to the dungeons to see the prisoners, lays her eyes on the handsome Tello. One single glimpse is enough for these two young people to fall in love. But unfortunately, their love is an impossible one. Not only they belong to different religions and enemy armies, but Tagzona was already promised by her father to marry another man. In order to fulfill their love, they decide to run away, but unfortunately their plan is uncovered by the her father. Followed by the angry parent and his armed guards the running couple gets to the bottom of a big mountain, and decides to climb it, trying desperately to escape the pursuers. Unfortunately, when they get to the top they understand there is no where else to go . With the arrows pointed at them and being told to give up their dream of getting married and living happily ever after, the embraced couple, decides to hurl themselves into the abyss. They chose to die together than to live without each other.

Tallo and Tagzona

Lover’s Rock / Pena de los Enamorados

It was a clear proof that love has no limits, and neither the religion or the will of the parents can stop two young people falling in love. Today the “Lover’s Rock” – “Pena de los Enamorados” shaped as a laying down human head still stays impressive in the middle of the green fields and endless olive trees orchards looking up to the clear and blue sky. It is an impressive landmark still surrounded by the tragedy of the legend of Tello and Tagzona the two young lovers. 

Lover's Rock / Pena de los enamorados

Lover’s Rock / Pena de los Enamorados

The legend of  “Lover’s Rock / Pena de los Enamorados


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