Mixturate Gastrobar – Malaga


Mixturate – Gastrobar Malaga

            What a great find “Mixturate Gastrobar” in Malaga was!  Our beautiful city keeps surprising us with new and innovative restaurants, offering a large variety of cooking styles and tasty flavors. The truth is that in the last few years, the number of  new “food establishments”  has exploded. Long has gone the time in which the traditional fried anchovies were the habitual dish shared with the loved ones around the table. Nowadays, stylish restaurants and bars have replaced the old and dark “tavernas” and more young chefs as never, show their culinary artistry and talents to hungry locals and peeping tourists. Eating good and healthy is not a challenge anymore in this Mediterranean city.

      Modern looking “Mixturate Gastrobar” is not an exception from the current trend.  Located in newly restored “Soho” district of the city,  the restaurant / bar offers a nice variety and mix of fine ingredients and food. Everything on their menu has a twist, and it would be a spoiler to tell you what exactly you should expect. But believe me, I already tried a large part of their menu  and all was astonishing tasty. Forgot to mention the very good value for money. Here are some of the menu choices I tried:

Mixturate Gastrobar - Malaga

Marinated tuna taco with mustard sauce


Mixturate Gastrobar - Malaga

Grilled octopus with roasted corn salad


Mixturate Gastrobar - Malaga

Secreto Iberico with….surprise, I m not going to tell you!


Mixturate Gastrobar - Malaga

“Leche de Tigre” – Seafood ceviche served in top of dry ice, a must try dish. (What a great name for not lesser great dish)


Mixturate Gastrobar - Malaga

Goat cheese salad and red beet… (surprise) – a very original twist.

Mixturate Gastrobar - Malaga

Desert – Mixturate Gastrobar – Malaga

Now, I have to admit, I don’t remember exactly the ingredients in my desert but I can tell you it was just absolutely FANTASTIC. Decadent, not too sweet, silky and just to die for. 

             We had a great culinary experience in this restaurant. The only so called “problem” I had,  was with the wine by glass portion. However, I am not sure the wine was not enough, or the glass too big. I think I have to repeat the experience to get it clearer so I can sleep at night… And now, before I leave you to visually”digest” this great looking and tasty food, I invite you to watch the next video.

     This was the most original dish we ordered. No, the food is not dancing, it is just a simple eggplant, fried in Panko and topped with dry tuna shaving. Because of the radiating heat of the eggplant bites, the shavings move freely and gracefully. So if by any change you feel like a bit adventurous, but only a bit, try “Mixturate Gastrobar”. You won’t regret it!



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