and much more... This is my Andalusia, the place I call home, the place which stole my heart. Come with me and we'll discover together the richness of this land, the loveliness of its people and not at least, the great life Andalusia has to offer. So, welcome to my blog, stay as long as you wish, I promise you'll enjoy the stay. 

01st Jan 2015

Good bye 2014, welcome 2015

 Christmas came and went, also the old year. As the year 2014 drawn to a close, was a perfect time to reflect upon the ups and downs, triumphs and challenges,...

25th Dec 2014

Sea anemones, the strangest food experience-2014

Sea anemone, the most eccentric seafood we discovered in 2014.

16th Dec 2014

Classic steamed mussels recipe

  Personally I love mussels. Mussels in provencal, Roquefort or wine sauce, on the grill or just simply boiled in salted water. Farm-raised mussels and clams are not only healthy to...

11th Dec 2014

Malaga products – “Sabor a Malaga” 3rd Edition

This past weekend we had the chance to experience the finest local food products in the province of Malaga, all under one roof. “Discover the taste of our land” was...