and much more... This is my Andalusia, the place I call home, the place which stole my heart. Come with me and we'll discover together the richness of this land, the loveliness of its people and not at least, the great life Andalusia has to offer. So, welcome to my blog, stay as long as you wish, I promise you'll enjoy the stay. 

09th Feb 2016

Comares top of Axarquia

Comares, this intriguing Andalusian village is a place I happily return over and over again. Sincerely, I lost count how many times I followed its ceramic footprints around the narrow...

10th Jan 2016

Caminito del Rey

Originally built in 1905 as a means for hydroelectric workers to travel between Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls, "Caminito del Rey" it received its name in 1921, when Spain’s King Alfonso XIII made the walk to open the new "Conde del Guadalhorce" dam. So this is a short history of the (used to be) the "world's scariest footpath"

15th Dec 2015

Rainbow Swiss Chard

  Yesterday, I had the chance to buy the most good looking Swiss Chard I ever seen, or I ever knew existed.  Now, that the temperatures (finally) have  fallen, the farm...

01st Dec 2015


Competa is a beautiful, traditional white village. We found out how lovely it is few days ago, while driving around and enjoying a warm and colorful Saturday morning. We heard...