and much more... This is my Andalusia, the place I call home, the place which stole my heart. Come with me and we'll discover together the richness of this land, the loveliness of its people and not at least, the great life Andalusia has to offer. So, welcome to my blog, stay as long as you wish, I promise you'll enjoy the stay. 

08th Nov 2015

Back to the blogosphere

After a long and hot Andalusian summer surrounded by friends and family, the fall finally arrived over the hills and dales. It is beautiful around here, and the weather still warm and sunny.

12th Aug 2015

Tomatoes, tuna and bread salad

Italians call this salad “Panzanella”, I called it “easy peasy, lemon squeezy”  tomatoes, tuna and bread salad. There is almost nothing better in the world of summer food than a...

30th Jul 2015

Andalusian Gazpacho Soup

Let me tell you guys, it’s been hell hot here in Southern Spain lately. It seems that cicadas are the only ones enjoying the swelter and spirited, are singing relentless...

15th Jul 2015

Chunky avocado salad

Would you believe me if tell you that Spain, is number one avocado producer in Europe?  There is even a “Sun and avocado” Route  which takes you around six towns and...