and much more... This is my Andalusia, the place I call home, the place which stole my heart. Come with me and we'll discover together the richness of this land, the loveliness of its people and not at least, the great life Andalusia has to offer. So, welcome to my blog, stay as long as you wish, I promise you'll enjoy the stay. 

18th Mar 2015

Bodega “La Mazaroca”

So far, Bodega “La Mazaroca” was the best culinary surprise of the year. How far away would you travel for a fine lunch or dinner? Oh well, we just traveled more...

09th Mar 2015

Adrian Ghenie Exhibition

Yes!  We finally made it, in the final day, to Adrian Ghenie exhibition.  C.A.C. (Centro de Arte Contemporaneo) in Malaga hosted for three months the work of this young and very talented...

28th Feb 2015

Andalusia Day

Today, we celebrate “Andalusia Day” or “Dia de Andalucia“. It was 35 years ago on February 28, 1980, when a large majority of voters supported the referendum for Andalusia to...

18th Feb 2015

Almond Trees

Here in Southern Spain, end of January means that almond trees,  starts to flamboyantly display their esquisite flowers over the endless fields of emerald green. Incredible show of pale pink...