and much more... This is my Andalusia, the place I call home, the place which stole my heart. Come with me and we'll discover together the richness of this land, the loveliness of its people and not at least, the great life Andalusia has to offer. So, welcome to my blog, stay as long as you wish, I promise you'll enjoy the stay. 

13th Feb 2015

Lover’s Rock / Pena de los Enamorados – Antequera

This upcoming Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to talk about “Lover’s Rock” or “Pena de los Enamorados“.  Situated  in the proximity city of Antequera the human head shaped mountain...

29th Jan 2015

Chocolate Salami Cake

These unbaked cookies made to look like slices of salami, are an extremely popular dessert in Eastern Europe and not only. Because “Chocolate Salami Cake” dessert is made in no...

19th Jan 2015

Eggs Andalusian Style

Sometimes, the tastiest food is the simple food, made with only few good quality ingredients and “Eggs Andalusian Style” is no exception. My husband learned this very easy recipe from...

12th Jan 2015

Seafood street vendors

Street vendors in Cadiz are unique by selling cooked Atlantic ocean seafood. Tasty wild oysters sold by dozen, boiled shrimp and crab legs, sold in paper packets just a few delicious foods you can buy all along the city local market and not only.