Sea anemones, the strangest food experience-2014

Sometimes, we take day trips to Granada. We are so lucky to live just 64 miles (102 km) far from this striking and famous city and occasionally, we like to splurge on a worry free day here and wonder its streets. Granada is so much more than the One Thousand and One nights Alhambra palace and to see and visit all the interesting sites you need at least three full days of walking around. This last time, we took a stroll thorough the winding cobbler streets of “El Albaicin”.  After we were mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the Alhambra, from the outlook of Saint Nicholas church, we decided to take a bite at this touristic looking restaurant “El Mirador”. The truth is that we were allured in by the gypsies playing passionately flamenco with their guitars. The helpful waiter, nicely recommended us foie gras in orange, pine nuts and raisin sauce, a strange but very tasty combination, followed by  fried “Ortiguillas de mar” or more exactly sea anemones. Now, we never heard anybody eating sea anemones  before (maybe using them as aquarium decoration) and intrigued  we said better to try it in case we might like it or if we don’t, will know what we are not going to miss in the future. Anxiously waiting, we finally got this generous portion of small bites of  total sea essence. Tasty with a delicate bite, the sea anemones reminded us of fried oysters but at a much higher level of savor. We both agreed that  the strange looking animals of the sea were the strangest culinary discovery of 2014.


Sea anemones

We decided to try a 2011 “Baltos” – great choice at even greater price

sea anemones - ortiguillas

“Baltos” wine

Made from Mencia grapes from northwestern part of Spain, the wine was aged for 6 months in a oak barrel

Sea anemones - ortiguillas

Baltos wine

The gypsy artists taking a well deserved break between the sets

Sea anemones - Ortiguillas

Flamenco – Granada

The breathtaking view of Alhambra, the most famous and visited building in Spain.

Sea anemones - Ortiguillas

Alhambra Palace and Sierra Nevada- Granada

Why not eat sea anemones?

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