Spring around the House

Dear friends and readers, for the past few weeks, as we bid goodbye to winter, we welcomed spring around the house.  It was the perfect time to refresh the yard with new plants and flowers,  with new decorations and not at least with an intensively clean up. This spring, I made a new friend, “Pepe the gardener” who helped me clean up  the entire yard and  his assiduous work made “El Mirador” look like never before.  The only downside is that now, I cannot stop taking pictures. So bear with me as this time I share with you some images of my beloved new plants and trees. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them as much I loved taking them. 

 I’ve decided to add some interesting pots and plants to my succulents collection this year. Meet Miss Piggy, happily holding some new cuttings.


Miss Piggy

I chose to grow more drought resistant plants this year, because as always, we are expecting a dry summer. As some of you know, water can be a problem here later on.


Spring around the house


Hen and chicks

As always, I never get enough rosemary plants, so this year I am rooting some of the cuttings Pepe the gardener left behind.



The few showers we had this spring made geraniums look really lush and beautiful, not to mention….red, very red.


“El Mirador” geraniums

My husband’s pride and joy, the grapevine sprouting happily.


Spring around the house

 Can I call this a sun catcher?


Sun catcher

It seems like our fig tree is going to be very generous to us this summer.


Fig tree

Antique market finding, hanging above my succulents plant collection.


Spring around the house

A modest but fragrant present from our neighbor, a bunch of fresh bay leaves drying in the spring sun.


Bay leaves

Of course I saved the best photo for last. This is our beloved neighbor Antonio plowing the olive tree orchard with his two mules. Spring is everywhere around the house and in our hearts. Andalusia is truly timeless, and I fall in love with it every single spring, and summer and….


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