Tomatoes – Tasty Summer Delight


Plum tomatoes

Red polka dot dresses, red and yellow flag, red wine and the red tomatoes, it’s almost like red, tomato-red were the colour of Spain. Especially now in summer they are omnipresent. Every Friday morning Mario, a fruit and vegetable vendor sets up his stall in our village, selling seasonal produce, good quality at honest prices. Where else can you buy a whole plastic bag full of juicy tomatoes just for just 3 euros? He has tomatoes in every shape, size, price and even color!

Tomatoes are an irreplaceable part of the Spanish cuisine, used fresh in salads, or to make a chilled gazpacho soup (tomato, cucumber, red peppers, garlic and some bread to give consistency) for hot summer days, or cooked as a sofrito (tomato, peppers, garlic, onion sautéed together in olive oil) forms the base for salsas and many warming winter dishes.


Cherry tomatoes


There’s the little cherry ones, round, sweet, perfect for a leafy salad or chopped up on a piece of toasted bread with drizzle of olive oil and some sea salt as a bruschetta. Then, there’s the plum variety, fleshy with a robust flavor, ideal for cooking sauces.



The big, fleshy, round cateto another local variety, is an all rounder, as a salad, in a sauce, for a gazpacho or the thicker variety, salmorejo (tomato, garlic, bread crumbs and olive oil), thanks to its volume and tangy flavour. Then there is the kumato, also known as the black tomato, its dark green almost brown color a great one for salads with its distinct sweet tanginess. The raf ones can be easily recognised with their ridged skin, a favourite with gourmets, best savoured freshly chopped as a salad. The other day at the farmer’s market in Coin I even saw a variety called huevos de toro, which were neither related to eggs nor bulls, just big, juicy, fragrant tomatoes. Unfortunately, this variety can be consumed localy only in the summer months.

Salad tomatoes

20160901_152934_resized (1)

Huevo de Toro

There is nothing like a summer salad to cool you down, made with chopped tomatoes of choice, a hint of crushed garlic, some mint leaves, loads of olive oil and salt, and of course some local bread to soak up the dressing – a meal by itself.    

                                       Here is one my favorite summer Tomato Salad.

Que Aproveche!

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