Tomatoes, tuna and bread salad


Tomatoes, tuna and bread salad

Italians call this salad “Panzanella”, I called it “easy peasy, lemon squeezy”  tomatoes, tuna and bread salad. There is almost nothing better in the world of summer food than a perfectly ripe tomato. Knowing when you have a ripe tomato ready for eating can be the difference between heaven and a passable mess. So try to get the most juicy, ripen tomatoes, the ones you can get only in the summer. Here, in Southern Spain the most popular and tasty tomatoes are the “terreno” ones, tomatoes grown in private gardens. They are meaty, sweet tasty and juicy, and because are not suitable for transportation or export, you can get them for a limited time only. These “terreno” tomatoes or “cateto”  are for sure far relatives of Jersey Tomatoes.  


2 large well ripen tomatoes (home grown, if possible)

1 medium size fresh white onion

2 cans of tuna in olive oil or water

1 cup of pickled green olives

few slices of white stale bread

1/2 cup of chopped cilantro or parsley

olive oil & red wine vinegar

salt & pepper


Slice the tomatoes in chunks or whatever you prefer

dice the onion

cut the bread in medium size cubes

drain well the tuna cans (if you use tuna in water)

cut the olives in half

If  tuna is preserved in olive oil, you can use it undrained, and add less oil later)

Mix everything in a salad bowl

Add the cilantro (parsley)

Olive oil and vinegar (adjust after your own taste)

salt & pepper

Mix well all the ingredients and let the salad stay at the room temperature for 15 minutes, so the tomatoes juices, other liquids and bread get to know each other better

Enjoy your tomatoes, tuna and bread salad!


Tomatoes, tuna and bread salad


Tomatoes, tuna and bread salad


Tomatoes, tuna and bread salad


canned olives


Tomatoes , tuna and bread salad

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