Vegan Andalucia: “Fuente del Sol” Restaurant

Tucked between the hills of Gualdalhorce Valley and just outside the small village “La Joya” this restaurant really surprised  us with a tasty classic Mediterranean and vegan menu.  Now if you know anyone who’s been to Spain ask  if they remember any vegetarian or vegan dish they had or tried while traveling  around the country and I’m sure no one will remember any.  Why? Because Spaniards are in love with their “Jamon Iberico” from Extremadura, the tasty roasted lamb from Burgos,  the soft mouth watering veal from Avila,  or the out of this world seafood from Galicia and the truth is that vegetarian dishes are not on their list of favorites.  So I was taken by surprise few months back when we were  invited by the owner of this restaurant to try their new vegan menu. Vegan? Here? In the heart of Andalusia?  In the middle of nowhere? Oh well,  I was up for a pleasant surprise.

For the beginning, the hotel and the restaurant are set in a beautiful breathtaking  area, offering striking views of the mountains of Malaga countryside and the Mediterranean sea as a background, not to mention the nearby “El Torcal” the most spectacular natural park in Andalusia.  


         But I don’t want to make this story too long so here are some photos of the great food we splurged on.


 Red carrot salad


Creamy Quinoa rissoto with Shitake mushrooms fried basil and sweet potatoes


Cauliflower couscous with vinaigrette 


Vegan mini hamburgers with fried parsnip


The creamiest, tastiest hummus paste ever


Vegan luscious cupcakes

And talking about vegetarian and vegan food,   years back a dear friend of my husband visiting Iberian Peninsula and dinning at a restaurant asked the waiter for some vegetarian  dishes.  The waiter had no idea what that was, so the friend explained to him that he does not eat meat and if it is possible to have some food without it. The waiter offered some Burgos made blood sausage….

 More info about this beautiful place here.

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