Wild asparagus

wild asparagus

Wild asparagus

Wild asparagus  is a popular side dish for any Spanish menu, especially in spring when the harvest is at its peak. As soon the weather starts to warm up at the end of January,  people  young  and old take  over the outdoors looking for this plant considered  by many a delicacy.  This is the season when many foragers would offer for sale asparagus bunches ( for around 2 euros each) at  the local vegetable markets or directly on the street.  If you decide to look  yourself  for this shooting  grass  be prepared for some frustration  at the beginning because the shoots are a bit hard to spot at first, but once you get used to the look of the plant it won’t be too long until  you ‘ll get the hang of finding  them.  Most of the locals cook the asparagus on the grill ( la plancha )  drizzled with extra virgin olive oil  and a pinch of sea salt,  or as a base for a tasty omelette (tortilla de asparragos) ) . Either way, this bitter tasting plant  has a long history with the ancient Greeks and Romans calling it “asparag”  which meant shoot, and  because of its  nutritionally virtues today it is considered to be a perfect food . 

                                                        Some interesting information about this wild plant here

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